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  • Is the Wellness Hive location wheelchair/ADA accessible? Where do I park?
    There is ample parking in the parking lot to accommodate your needs. An elevator is located downstairs to safely make it to the clinic on the second floor.
  • What should I bring for the initial evaluation?
    The initial evaluation will take around 60 minutes. Please bring all pertinent medical documents including imaging, MD referral for PT, list of current medications, and medical history. If you have access to mychart for your child, that is an easy way to access/bring these documents so you don't have to print or carry them. It is always helpful to bring videos or pictures of your child on your phone for PT to better assess movement patterns etc. Please bring any bracing or equipment your child is currently using if able.
  • What usually happens during an evaluation and treatment session?
    The initial evaluation will include a lengthy review of medical history, why your child is being seen by PT, and what your goals are for your child. Your child will then be observed/assessed to better understand what their individual needs are including: strengthening, range of motion, balance and coordination training and manual therapies to help reach goals. PT will provide an in depth home exercise program to be used outside of the clinic, so that your child may continue to reach goals and progress at home and in the community. A typical treatment session will include PT using a variety of different techniques to help facilitate your child's growth and progress toward goals. Every child has different needs, so no two sessions will ever be identical.
  • How long will it take to see results? How will I know my child is progressing?
    While each child is different and has their own timeline, we typically see results within the first session. "Results" are varied- improved range of motion/postural stability, increased strength, increased balance, improved coordination, More importantly, results may be defined as an entirely different thing to a parent and family with goals they think are important. It is our mission to make both worlds meet to facilitate lasting changes. Parents typically report progress as child meeting new motor milestones independently (ex: crawling, sitting, walking), their child is pain free, child is happier/more interactive with family member and peers, and child has increased participation in home, school and environment. We focus on the WHOLE child at CYK physical therapy.
  • Why are you private pay only? Why do you not accept insurance? Do I need a referral to be seen?
    Our business model focuses on direct access, and excellent care to be provided and initiated in a fast timeframe. While insurance is wonderful, we choose to work directly with referral source (MD/chiropractor), and to not be limited by max visit limits which is often the case when dealing with insurance. In some instances, insurance can take weeks to approve physical therapy, and we do NOT want your child to have to wait to be seen and helped. We do require a referral for physical therapy by MD or chiropractor to facilitate services.
  • How do I fill out online consent forms and book my child for PT?
    For online booking and consent documents please click "Book My Appointment" tab, you will be directed to our booking site.
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